Meet The Man Behind The Brand

In the early 1990's when there was no Youtube, Instagram, or any kind of social media, a young kid named Lexis Carter had a true passion for sports, which would soon branch off into sneakers & fashion.

One of the biggest reason sneakers became a phenomenon in today's society is mainly because of the introduction into sports, especially basketball! In 1985, Michael Jordan's Air Jordan 1 debuted which became one of the most coveted sneakers in modern fashion. Fast forward to 2017, as a well respected sneaker collector in Houston, Texas getting features on & SNKRS App, he began to tap into the clothing industry. Having plenty of experience in the shoe industry Lexis always wanted to have something of his own. One day of just having time to think and be creative, he started to think of brand name and logos that would be catchy to consumers. After a lot of brainstorming and research VIII Out Of X was born.

Lexis's motto has always been to progress and improve wherever you felt you lacked in life physically, mentally and spiritually. Thus, creating the perfect brand to reach each and every individual who's looking to be the best version of themselves no matter what area in life that is.

No one person is perfect....but we can always strive to be.